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A subversive revolution to the traditional lighting and air purification industry

Three air purification technologies

Quantum dot nano photocatalysis technology can effectively curb the contact transmission of influenza virus by chain degradation reaction with formaldehyde, hydrogen, TVOC and other chemical pollutants; Negative ion purification technology can effectively remove PM2.5, bacterial dust, second-hand smoke and various odors in the indoor environment, and keep the indoor fresh; Hydrogen, oxygen and water ion purification technology destroys the cell wall of bacteria, making it unable to divide cells and achieve effective antibacterial function.

Advantages of photocatalytic lighting air purifiers

【Silent Advantage】No noise;
【Cost advantage】Low price, no filter purification;
【Lighting advantage】With various light sources or lighting fixtures as the carrier, it can not only illuminate, but also realize air purification;
【Sterilization advantage】 The product has strong sterilization and virus elimination function, and will not cause secondary diffusion of bacteria.

Wide range of applications

Scope of application: Medical industry, sanitation system, education system, rail transit, breeding industry, home improvement industry, tooling industry, hotel administrative office industry, public areas, etc.

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The company is located in Chaolian Talent Island, Jiangmen City, with a unique geographical location. Since its establishment, it has set the "green economy" related industries as the company's main development direction and social responsibility in the future. Under the condition of integration with society and the environment, it is committed to developing modern "green" high-tech projects, and at the same time realizing innovative "green" science integration maker centers, helping the society to cultivate a new generation of creators for the country, to achieve sustainable development, improve The air environment is in harmony with nature, and it is a loyal guardian of human physical and mental health, disease prevention and health preservation.

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Achieving sustainable development, improving air environment and harmony with nature

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